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Mystery at the Museum -kesäkamppis alkaa 11.7. ja päättyy 11.8. Kampanjan aikana sinulla on mahdollisuus ansaita neljä uutta souveniria eli matkamuistoa tilastoihisi. Lue lisää Mystery at the Myseum -kesäkamppiksesta blogista.

Tämä upea travel tag on virallinen Mystery at the Museum -travel tag ja esittää rubiinia. Travel tagin leveys on n. 22 mm ja korkeus on n. 34 mm.


Mystery at the Museum -sivut

We don't know if the original jewels will ever be recovered, but these jewel trackable tags are sure to make any geocache sparkle with excitement!

The heist at the Teague-Ulmer Museum in Waldenburk is being named the biggest jewel theft in history and one of the great unsolved mysteries of the museum world.

From July 11 to August 11, find clues while you find geocaches to track down the stolen jewels. Once you have found the jewels, return them to the vault using the hidden code changed by the thieves.

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