Cache Me If You Can -lautapeli

Cache Me If You Can -lautapeli

Tuotenro: 2036
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Huom! Marraskuussa 2016 saapunut versio on pelin 3. kehitysversio. Päivitystä aiempaan on kestävempi pakkaus ja hieman muuttuneet säännöt.

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Players select one of 8 geocaching characters to play. Each player may move their piece up to 3 spaces along the trails and roads, otherwise they “explore” one space at a time. You will choose which direction to travel and where to explore or maybe you will decide to go to the store and build up more equipment. Equipment allows you to take specialized caches (like Night Caches) and provides you with protection. Points are earned by collecting caches and Geocoins. Point values are based on the difficulty of the cache type. Some caches will contain Geocoins. Geocoins will all have their own goal that can be accomplished for additional points. Event cards add twists and give players the ability to tip the game in their favor. It’s not like any other board game you have played!

Cache me if you can

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