Greek Gods Geocoin Series: Athena

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Athena: #7 of 12 in the series

This series of special Geocoins will be released over the coming months. Collect the entire series, or just the ones that inspire you the most.

Knowing that we wanted this series of Geocoins to be a special part of any collection, we reached out to celebrated designer Christian Mackey to create these exclusive designs. We are proud to present this collection of amazingly detailed Geocoins of interest and beauty. They truly need to be seen to be appreciated.

These Geocoins measure approximately 1.75 inches in diameter. They are trackable at with a unique icon.

On the face we have the goddess in her traditional garb of helm and toga with spear and olive branch in hand. She's flanked by the owls as symbols of wisdom and thoughtfulness over the weaver background in reference to her dispute to Arachne. The snake symbol of health and healing is wrapped on her arm as both a reminder of her position as patron of medicine and the arts.

On the reverse we have her shield bearing the visage of the Medusa (one of the three) she aided Perseus in the slaying of. The central crest is surrounded by the 9 Gifts of Athena which led to uprising of the Greek nation to civilization. The Bridle, Plow, Rake, Yoke, Flute, Trumpet, Chariot, Pot and Ship were all attributed to Athena's guidance and wisdom in the creation and development these greatest steps toward Greek rise to power.

Geokolikon halkaisija on n 44 mm ja paksuus 3,5 mm.

Geokolikon ikoni: Athena


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