Greek Gods Geocoin Series: Poseidon

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Poseidon: #11 of 12 in the series

This series of special Geocoins will be released over the coming months. Collect the entire series, or just the ones that inspire you the most.

Knowing that we wanted this series of geocoins to be a special part of any collection, we reached out to celebrated designer Christian Mackey to create these exclusive designs. We are proud to present this collection of amazingly detailed Geocoins of interest and beauty. They truly need to be seen to be appreciated.

Dimensions: These measure approximately 1.75 inches in diameter. They are trackable at with a unique icon.

Notes from the designer, Chris Mackey:

On the face is Poseidon, the king of oceans and waters with his trident in hand. He's sporting armor of scallops and chiton shells with a sea star crown on his brow over the classic wave pattern of the Grecians.

On the reverse, similar to the other gods and goddess, we explore a bit more into his powers. Foremost among his attributes, he was known as the "Tamer of Horses" and credited with the creation of the hypocampus or waterhorses which pulled his chariot into battle. He was also credited with creating springs of water by striking the ground with the butt of his triton. He was prayed to for protection at sea to avoid shipwrecks and drownings. He was the god of dolphins and whales that breathed air, but lived in water (a duality of a god). He was also called the "Earth-Shaker" and credited with earthquakes, volcano eruptions and tsunami. Lastly, he is attributed with the domain of coral. Coral reefs being the harbor of sea life, the breaker of waves and the giver of one of the most prominent materials in making jewelry.

Geokolikon halkaisija on n 44 mm ja paksuus 3,5 mm.

Geokolikon ikoni: Poseidon


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