2019 GIFF Geocoin and Companion Tag

2019 GIFF Geocoin and Companion Tag

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2019 GIFF Geocoin and Companion Tag

Kaikki Suomessa pidettävät GIFF-eventit löydät Geocache.fi:n etusivulta eventtiluettelosta. Eventin nimessä lukee aina GIFF. Eventit pidetään 7. - 17.11.

Tämän hienon GIFF-geokolikon mukana tulee myös 2019 GIFF -travel tag, jossa on oma uniikki seurantakoodi.

Geokolikon koko: 62.5 mm x 34,4 mm
Travel tagin koko:44 mm x 25 mm. Travel tagin mukana tulee ketju.

Geokolikon ja tagin ikoni:

Huom! Tänäkin vuonna nähdään finalistien joukossa suomalaisedustus, kun weellun ja allekirjoittaneen lyhytelokuva Geocaching Documentary from Finland – Being Stealth valittiin 16 finalistin joukkoon. Viime vuonnahan filmimimme palkittiin People's Choice Award:lla.


It's show time!

This ticket isn't required to get into any Geocaching International Film Festival events, but is a must have for anyone that loves GIFF and/or geocoins!

Get your ticket here, and enjoy this fun and impressive geocoin. It is big and heavy and you need to see it and feel it to truly appreciate it. Since it might be too cool to send traveling, keep it in your collection and send the included companion tag out to promote the magic of film, one geocache at a time!

A matching travel tag is included that has a unique code so that both can be tracked. That way you can send the tag traveling and keep the beautiful coin in your collection. The tag also includes a chain for hitchhiking. They are trackable at Geocaching.com with a unique GIFF icon.

Dimensions: The geocoin is approximately 2.25 inches x 2 inches. The trackable tag is approximately 1.5 inches by 1.75 inches.

Each set includes one Geocoin and one Travel Tag.

The 2019 GIFF Geocoin and companion travel tag are both trackable at geocaching.com with a unique GIFF icon. The coin and tag have their own unique tracking numbers, so you can have the coin discovered in your collection while the tag is sent to travel the world.

Geocoin:     Approximately 2.5 inches x 1.375 inches.
Travel tag:  Approximately 1.75 inches x 1 inch.

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